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3D Areola Restoration Tattooing
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At Aesthetic Ink we specialize in 3D Areola Restoration Tattooing and provide Special Paramedical Solutions For Breast Surgery Recovery! There are a number of reasons why women (and some men) are in need of medical tattoo treatments for the breast area.

Areola restoration is a highly specialized practice of paramedical tattooing, which restores the color, size and shape of the areola. This procedure is often considered the final step after major breast related surgeries including, breast reduction, mastectomies, reconstruction, or implants.

Whether you have irregular shaped or fading areolas, or are in need of a full 3d areola reconstruction, natural micro pigment colors are utilized to restore color, provide symmetry, and give the appearance of a realistic areola.

Should you elect, clinical skin needling methods can be utilized when necessary to lighten and flatten surgical scars, providing a smooth canvas prior to paramedically tattooing the areola. By relaxing the scars, this allows the technician the ability to ensure a more uniformed, smooth, shape.

At Aesthetic Ink, we are also trained in the art of conventional tattooing. For those who are interested in camouflaging a scar with a specific design or inspired image, alternative creative options are available.

Permanent areola restoration is one of our true specialties. It is delicate, sensitive work, requiring specialized, advanced training in areola repigmentation as well as artistic skill. Your paramedical tattoo technician will work closely with each client to achieve your goals.

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I cannot begin to describe the outstanding, caring, and knowledgable experience i encountered during my visit to Aesthetic Ink. The owner/operator November Pozzi, exhibited a high level of paramedical training as well as natural artistic skill, resulting in a very satisfied customer. I would strongly recommend November to anyone interested in Permanent Makeup.

Healing Schedule

Healing Schedule

Day 1-2

Slight swelling, irritation, heavy thick color effect.

Healing Schedule

Day 3

Less swelling and irritation.

Healing Schedule

Day 4-6

Exfoliation begins

Healing Schedule

Day 7-10

Exfoliation begins, very chapped lips.

Healing Schedule

Day 14

Color “blooms” from within more and more each day until day 21 (3 weeks post procedure)

Healing Schedule

Day 21

Healing complete; the color you see is the color you have.

Care Instructions

All permanent cosmetic procedures are a multi session process. Each additional session is done 8-12 weeks after the first procedure. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

Consider your social plans before scheduling… delicate/sensitive skin may redden or swell slightly for the first few days.

  • Keep bandages on for 2 hours following the procedure.
  • WASH with mild soap (Cetaphil recommended) and water, gently massage, and rinse lightly.
  • NO prolonged water exposure
  • Allow area to air dry for 15 minutes before applying ointment
  • Apply a thin coat of Aquaphor or A & D Ointment 2-3 times daily for 5-7days.
  • NO lotions, creams, or makeup on the treated area
  • DO NOT scrub or pick the treated areas.
  • AVOID heavy sweating for the first 10 days.
  • DO NOT use peroxide or Neosporin on ANY areas.
  • AVOID swimming, whirlpools or direct shower spray for 10 days.
  • NO sun or tanning beds for 30 days – sun exposure will cause your makeup to fade
  • FOR one week wear a loose white, cotton T-shirt and absolutely no bras or tight fitting clothes of any kind
  • Applying an excessive amount of ointment may cause an infection, apply sparingly.
Post Procedure

After your permanent cosmetics procedure, slight redness and irritation of the area should be expected. Depending on your skin sensitivity, swelling of the area may persist.  Keep the area clean, free from dirt and oil. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap when tending to the area. Keep a thin coat of ointment on the treated area at all times. Never put ointment on a wet tattoo.

Immediately following your procedure and for the first few days, your permanent makeup will appear very dark and prominent. The area will begin to peel lightly in about 3 – 6 days. After the area peels, the pigment will appear light or faded. This is due to excess pigment peeling off and leaving behind a layer of new granular skin cells over the pigment. The color will reappear in about 2 – 3 weeks as it heals.  Depending on the skin sensitivity, it may take more than one session to achieve the desired outcome. All adjustments will be made during the touch up procedure.


Permanent makeup procedures are affected by the canvas (your skin) that they are performed on. If you skin is sun damaged (even from tanning beds), thick and uneven in texture, and/ or excessively dry or oily, the result cannot be expected to be perfect after the initial procedure. Scars on the lips from fever blisters cause pigment removal.  Lifestyle, medications, smoking, metabolism, facial surgery, and age of skin, all contribute to fading. Color refreshers are sometimes needed to ensure the best results and to keep your permanent makeup looking the best.


All forms must be completed and presented at time of initial consultation. Click this box to download the form.


All forms must be completed and presented at time of initial consultation. Click this box to download the form.


All forms must be completed and presented at time of initial consultation. Click this box to download the form.


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